Part 1 – Bible-Saturated  
  Part 2 – God-Focused  
  Part 3 – Gospel-Centered  
  Part 4 – Others-Minded

Weʼre not looking at the Bible for just the Bibleʼs sake, though. The Bible is like a lens, helping us to see God as He really is. Godʼs glory is the ultimate purpose for everything thatʼs made — even you.4 Because you were made for Godʼs glory, you will only be satisfied when you are seeing and worshipping God. Through the Holy Spiritʼs use of the Bible, we can “behold the glory of the Lord.”5 Then, by Godʼs grace, He transforms us more and more into His own likeness. In this way God ends up being “all in all.”6

Church is ultimately about God, not us. At NHBC, we want to love and worship God passionately — with all our thoughts, desires, choices, and acts. All this comes from seeing Him clearly — being God-focused.

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52 Corinthians 3:18
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