Sunday Schools

Each Sunday at 9:30 we have graded Sunday School classes for children from 3-12. The purpose is teach through all the major stories and teaching sections of the Bible. This provides them a good foundation of Biblical literacy on which to continue to build their understanding of God and come to a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Children's Church

Children's Church is a special meeting time for kids aged 3-8 that takes place each Sunday during the 10:30 worship service.  Kids initially meet with their families in the auditorium for the beginning of the worship time, and then they are dismissed for their unique time together.  Parents who wish to worship together with their children in the main service are welcomed to do so.  Many other families choose to send their younger ones to this special class.

The Gospel Project

During our 1:00 pm Sunday service we have a special class for kids 3-8. The goal is to teach them how the individual stories of the Bible fit into the broader overarching gospel storyline centered in the coming of Jesus Christ. We also share true stories intended to teach them what Christian conversion looks like.

Vacation Bible School

We had a great time last summer during our Arctic Adventure.  We learned about God's Word, the Bible, the "coolest book in the world."  We invite all kids to join us again during the summer of 2018 for a time of adventure, fun, and learning about God and the gospel.