Part 1 – Bible-Saturated  
  Part 2 – God-Focused  
  Part 3 – Gospel-Centered  
  Part 4 – Others-Minded

How do you know what you know about God? Well, there are some things about God we think we know — but how can we be sure if theyʼre true? We can only truly know God as He chooses to reveal Himself1. We can know generally about God through the created order and in our consciences2, but we really come to know God thoroughly and personally through His Word, the Bible. The church is supposed to lift up and hold high the truths of the Bible3.

This is whatʼs at the core of NHBC. We are primarily concerned with the careful, thoughtful, systematic teaching and preaching of the Bible. We carefully probe the teachings of Godʼs Word in small groups and in large gatherings. We intentionally choose to sing songs that are full of Bible wording and truth. We try to pray prayers that are Scripturally-informed. We want our thinking and our behavior to be continually challenged by the Bible, and for our lives to be constrained by a determination to be faithful to the words of God. We realize that we canʼt know anything true by just talking among ourselves — we must hear from God. In a word, we must be Bible-saturated.

1Deuteronomy 29:29
2Romans chapters 1 & 2
31 Timothy 3:15