Adult Bible Study (ABS) Classes are a time for adults at NHBC to dig into God's Word and have small-group discussions about how it applies to everyday life. These classes give plenty of opportunity for getting to know one another, asking questions, and just learning how to live life God's way.  These classes are open to adults or older teens (16-18) if they wish.

This quarter we are offering two elective classes:

Old Testament Survey (Auditorium)

Join us as we explore the structure and message of each Old Testament book through a compelling audio visual format.  We'll especially focus on how each book fits into the overall biblical narrative and points the way to Christ.  Each week there will be assigned reading portions so that by the end of the quarter we will have read portions from every Old Testament book.  The class is open to teens and adults.

Newcomers Class (West Fellowship Room) - Starting date TBA

This class is for those who are relatively new to NHBC.  We will cover the church's vision, distinctives, history, beliefs, and practices.  It's a great opportunity to ask questions or just sit and learn.  In the end, we will discuss how membership at NHBC works.   The class will run for eight weeks.


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